Colloque en ligne : Books for Children. Transnational Encounters 1750-1850 – Part II

The Cotsen Children’s Library will be livestreaming Friday’s paper presentations for the symposium “Books for Children: Transnational Encounters 1750-1850” (Part II), in response to suggestions that this would allow interested people to attend long-distance.

Livestreaming will start at 9AM and end 5PM (Eastern Time), Friday, November 1 at Princeton University’s Media Central Live Website.

URL: (Password: Cotsen111)

Please join us! We hope you will enjoy the proceedings. Below is Friday’s program for your convenience.

9:00AM-10:45AM    Illustrations Crossing Borders

Chair: Andrea Immel

From Michaelmas-Day to Thanksgiving: The Transatlantic Transformation of “Poor Molly Goosey” Into “La Gansa Amorosa”.  Laura Wasowicz (USA)

Children as Users and Producers of Narratives and Media Across Mid-Nineteenth Century Northern Europe: Translations of Karl Blumauer’s Die kleine Stella und ihre Puppe [1832] and Der kleine Robert und sein Steckenpferd [1833] into Danish and Dutch. Nina Christensen (Denmark)

Comenius in New York. Patricia Crain (USA)

11:15AM-12:25PM   Transnational Publication Practice

Chair: Charlotte Appel

“It was a book with German letters!” International Encounters in Jewish Children’s Literature. Gabriele von Glasenapp (Germany)

Reprints, Piracies, Hibernicisations: Children’s Books and Late Eighteenth-Century Dublin Booksellers. Emer O’Sullivan (Germany)

 1:30PM-3:15PM     Migrant Books

Chair: Karen Sánchez-Eppler

Going Global: Transnational Networks and the Spread of Cheap Print for Children. Matthew O. Grenby (UK)

Children and Popular Print in a Transnational Perspective: A State of the Discipline. Elisa Marazzi (Italy)

Girlhood as a Transnational Creation: An International Perspective on Dutch Girls’ Books (1750-1800). Feike Dietz (The Netherlands)

3:30PM-4:40PM     Colonial Agents of Transnationalism

Chair: Sara Pankenier Weld

The Travels of The Traveller: Children’s Literature Circulating in the Enslaved and Colonized Nineteenth-Century Atlantic. Courtney Weikle-Mills (USA)

Agency and the Children’s Crusade Against Slavery: 1791-1833. Lissa Paul (Canada)

Marie-Pierre Litaudon

Docteur en littératures comparées. Université Rennes 2 Membre du laboratoire CELLAM Chercheur associé à l'Institut Mémoires de l'Édition Contemporaine (IMEC)

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