Appel à contributions pour la revue «History of Education & Children’s Literature»

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century schools as a laboratory for the promotion of national identity and citizenship education


Call for Papers for the 10th anniversary of the journal «History of Education & Children’s Literature» (2006-2015)

In 2015, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its foundation, the journal «History of Education & Children’s Literature» aims to publish a special monographic issue in which Authors are invited to address the theme: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century schools as a laboratory for the promotion of national identity and citizenship education.

Special attention will be paid, under this respect, to contributions that – on the base of the specific reality of each country and continent, and with reference to the political, social and cultural contexts that characterized the international scenario of the XIX and XX centuries – will deal with: school teaching programs in various domains (national literature and language, religion, history, geography, civics, law and so on); manuals and reading books for schools; school exercise books; finally, didactic aids used in the classroom (billboards, wall maps etc.); and all intended as sources and tools for promoting a sense of national identity as well as the concept of citizenship in pupils of schools of all levels.

The call for papers is open to scholars and researchers from countries around the world, and particularly to historians of education and historians of schools who work in universities and specialised research centres in diverse continents.

Individual proposals, describing original and previously unpublished work, will be reviewed by a Scientific Committee especially established for the purpose and chaired by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal «History of Education & Children’s Literature»; at the end of the evaluation process, the selected papers will be published within the monographic section of a special issue which will be printed out during the year 2015.

Proposal submission

Authors are invited to present via email a proposal (in form of abstract) that should be submitted to the following email address: within the deadline of February 28, 2014. The abstract should not exceed 1,000 characters (spaces included) and can be written in one of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German. The proposals must be equipped with the personal data of Authors, including the institution affiliation (University, Research centre etc.) and the position held, the personal email address and any other useful address for the purposes of the present Call for Papers. Applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision of acceptance or rejection of proposals by March 31, 2014.


Paper submission

Selected authors of accepted proposals are asked to submit the definitive and electronic version of their papers to the email address: within the closing date December 31, 2014. Regular papers – supplied with an abstract and with (at least) five keywordsmust be written in English (texts in different languages will be rejected) and should not exceed 60,000 characters (spaces included).


Guidelines for Authors

As regards the formatting guidelines and the citation style, Authors should strictly adhere to the Editorial Rules set out for authors and contributors of the journal «History of Education & Children’s Literature», and which can be freely downloaded from the web page For Authors in the journal’s website: <>.

For further information regarding the present call for papers please do not hesitate to contact the Direction of the journal (

Cécile Boulaire

maître de conférences HDR à l'Université de Tours, est spécialisée en littérature pour la jeunesse.

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