European magazines and newspapers (appel à contributions)

European Society for periodical reaseach The European Society for Periodical Research, seeks papers for a special session at the MLA 2014 (Chicago, January 9-12) on topics related to editing periodicals. Papers for this Europe-related panel (including the UK) might address shifts and continuities from periodicals to networks and from editing to curating. They might focus on such topics as editing in wartime; women editors; editing colonial publications; the work of particular periodical editors; writers and their editors; editors and national literatures; advertising influence on editors; letters to editors; editors’ relationships to one another; the many types of editorial work; editing in different countries; and fiction, film, and essays about editors of magazines or newspapers.

Send 250-word abstracts and cvs by March 22, 2013 to Ellen Gruber Garvey,

The European Society for Periodical Research (ESPRit) is a network of researchers interested in magazines, newspapers and journals. We primarily study European periodicals from any period. We also welcome researchers who link European periodicals with other fields.

ESPRit welcomes scholars from all disciplines, as well as magazine and newspaper practitioners such as writers, publishers and designers. We particularly want to:

promote dialogue across national borders and support comparative work,
foster research and collaborations across disciplines, and
encourage methodological discussions of shared problems in the study of periodicals.


Marie-Pierre Litaudon

Docteur en littératures comparées. Université Rennes 2 Membre du laboratoire CELLAM Chercheur associé à l'Institut Mémoires de l'Édition Contemporaine (IMEC)

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