History and Theory of the Picturebook

Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer organise à l’Université de Tübingen un colloque international intitulé History and Theory of the Picturebook du 22 au 24 septembre 2011. Le colloque sera précédé d’un atelier réservé aux doctorants.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Registration     09.30-10.30; Welcome         10.30-11.00

Paper Presentation 1. Moderation:    Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer

11.00-11.45    Maria Nikolajeva (Cambridge, UK): Reading Other People’s Mind through Words and Images

11.45-12.30    Perry Nodelman (Winnipeg, Canada): The Bear that Wasn’t and the Pictures that Weren’t: The Relationship between Semiotics and History in Picturebook Analysis

12.30-13.15     Carole Scott (San Diego, US): Artists’ Books and Picturebooks

Paper Presentation 2. Moderation:    Elina Druker

14.30-15.15    Nina Christensen (Copenhagen, Denmark): A Global Perspective? Universalism and World Citizenship in Picturebooks

15.15-16.00    Nina Goga (Bergen, Norway): The Book Shelf and the Book Collection as Episthemic Places


Paper Presentation 3. Moderation:    Nina Christensen

16.30-17.15     Elina Druker (Stockholm, Sweden): The Concept of Miniature in Picturebooks

17.15-18.00    Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer (Tübingen, Germany) & Jörg Meibauer (Mainz, Germany): Understanding the Matchstick Man
Friday, September 23, 2011

Paper Presentation 4. Moderation:    Carole Scott

09.00-09.45    Evelyn Arizpe (Glasgow, UK): Meaningmaking from Wordless (or Nearly Wordless) Picturebooks: Historical and Theoretical Expectations

09.45-10.30    Sandra Beckett (St. Catherines, Canada):  “The Art of Visual Storytelling”: Formal Strategies in Wordless Picturebooks

10.30-11.15    Emma Bosch (Barcelona, Spain): How Many Words Can a Wordless Picturebook Have?


Paper Presentation 5. Moderation:    Nina Goga

11.45-12.30    Agnes-Margrethe Bjorvand (Kristiansand, Norway): Peritexts in Astrid Lindgren’s Picturebooks

12.30-13.15   Cécile Boulaire (Tours, France): American Picturebooks in France from the 1950s until the 1970s: Aesthetic and Narratological Influences


Paper Presentation 6. Moderation:    Sandra Beckett

14.30-15.15    Roman Martin Deppner (Bielefeld, Germany): Pop Art and the Postmodern as a Paradigm of Orientation. Picturebooks between Consumption and Insight into Artificial Paradises

15.15-16.00    Brenda Bellorín (Barcelona, Spain): Too Much Characters About Nothing? Types and Functions of Complementary Characters in Fairy Tale Picturebooks


Paper Presentation 7. Moderation:    Maria Nikolajeva

16.30-17.15    Albert Lemmens & Serge Stommels (Nijmegen, The Netherlands): From Raduga to Gosizdat

17.15-18.00    Mikhail Karashik (St. Petersburg, Russia): The Shock Book for Soviet Children


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Paper Presentation 8. Moderation:    Evelyn Arizpe

09.00-09.45    Janet Evans (Liverpool, UK): Historical Influences on Wolf Erlbruch’s Picturebooks with Particular Reference to the Symbolism in Duck, Death and the Tulip

09.45-10.30    Beatrice Hoster Cabo & Maria José Lobato Suero (Sevilla, Spain): An Approach to the Phenomenon of Intertextuality through Picturebooks: Browne in Browne and his Hypotexts

10.30-11.15    Mareile Oetken (Oldenburg, Germany): Rampant and Comical: The Grobian as a Traditional and Contemporary Character in Picturebooks


Paper Presentation 9. Moderation:    Janet Evans

11.45-12.30    Marnie Campagnaro (Padua, Italy): Visual Explorations: a Proposal for Critical Analysis

12.30-13.15    Fanuel Hanan Diaz (Caracas, Venezuela): The Indication as a “Clue” in the Picturebook’s Visual Grammar

13.15-14.00    Final Discussion

Cécile Boulaire

maître de conférences HDR à l'Université de Tours, est spécialisée en littérature pour la jeunesse.

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